Mission Analysis – 1.22.16

By belleofthemidwest

Mission Analysis / 1.22.16 Operation Baby Beckwith Brief

Monumental Half- Marathon

Since we never formally gave an update on the race, I thought I’d share a few thoughts. The day was absolutely beautiful with ideal temps for running. I struggled, as I’d predicted and by mile eight I was in significant pain with my left hip. Micah was so sweet to stay by my side even though he could have finished well ahead of me. As soon as I crossed the finish-line, I burst into tears and was just so happy it was over. Getting text messages of encouragement during the race truly helped us keep going. Although a finish time of 2:10 minutes was nowhere near my PR, hallelujah we finished and accomplished it together.

Post-race with our friends, Drew & Maddie. Maddie rocked it and smashed her mini-marathon PR!


In preparation for IVF, I had to undergo some blood work in December. On Friday, I received a call with the results of two out of three of our test. It was great news and exactly what my heart needed. Then on that following Tuesday, the results from the third test came back and were not good, not good at all. In fact, we feared we wouldn’t even be able to move forward. Thankfully, I was able to consult with our doctor two days later. He said we could do IVF and believed there was still hope of us conceiving. As a result of our miscarriage and the low test score we received, our doctor is now recommending a specialized test. It’s quite pricey but will hopefully give us the best shot possible. We’re soooooooooooooooooo very thankful for the donations we are still receiving. To donate, click HERE.

Operation Baby Body

Confession…my abstinence from hairspray has not been going so well, but other than that, we’ve tried to reduce exposure to toxins and eat cleaner. We’re both trying to work off some pounds from Christmas. Having done medicated IUI’s before I can attest that hormone shots make you feel like a whale. Since I’ll be on even more meds, I’m trying to workout daily and be disciplined with my diet leading up to starting everything. Although, we’re both ready to get moving on IVF, it was nice to be able to enjoy time with friends and family over the holidays and not stress over hormone injections.

Spiritual / Emotional Health

My emotions have been all over the place the last few weeks as we near the time to start this process. It’s hard to know what the right mindset is going into IVF. On one hand, I want to be positive and confident that this is going to work. On the other hand, it’s somewhat easier to prepare for dissapointment in case that’s the reality we’ll be facing. Due to the vast financial commitment of the procedure, we’ve made the decision to try this once. Statistically speaking, the success rates of IVF working the first time isn’t phenomenal but it does happen. We need a miracle. Even with state-of-the-art technology, science, and an amazing doctor, if we get pregnant we know that it was only possible because of the Lord. I pray that this will be the last birthday or Christmas I’ll have to face and wonder if we’ll ever be parents. If it doesn’t work, there will be heartache and I’m sure a huge amount of grieving. However, we’ll persevere because our hope is in the Lord and we know that He is writing our story not us.

A few specific prayer requests we have are:

  • The shots. It’s a lot to keep track of and

    Taken right after the IVF training session

    not make a mistake. PRAISE the Lord for Rebecca Rich, what an amazing friend I have in her. You know you have a true friend when they’re willing to give you shots in the butt!

  • Finances. With the expense of the additional test ($5k), it has definitely made things more stressful.
  • My anxiety. I’m struggling to settle down and to sleep.

THANK YOU for praying for us, for loving us well and causing this season in our life to be oddly one of the sweetest even though it’s been one of the hardest.


3 Comments on Mission Analysis – 1.22.16

  1. Martha Newman
    January 23, 2016 at 9:31 pm (2 years ago)

    Love you Suz! Praying every step of the way. You are so brave!

  2. Annie Knapp
    April 26, 2016 at 8:12 pm (2 years ago)

    Hi Susan, I went through three in-vitros 15 and 12 years ago with Dr. Jarrett here in Indianapolis, and then with Dr. Zouves in San Francisco. I so sympathize with you, and had some similar experiences. Fortunately, I have two children, a daughter who is 14 from the first in vitro, and a son who is 12 from the third! I probably had a three percent chance of having it all work out, but faith and a positive attitude will get you far! I’ll be thinking about you!

    • belleofthemidwest
      May 12, 2016 at 12:48 pm (2 years ago)


      Thank you so much for sharing your miracle story! I needed this reminder and encouragement so much today. This journey is not for the faint of heart. I greatly appreciate you reaching out to me.



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